Massage & Facial Treatments

Our therapists are highly qualified physiotherapists with extensive experience in a variety of massage treatments and are renowned for their individual formulated massage techniques. The diversity of their treatments is derived from working all over the world and in top Wellness Clinics and award-winning Spas.

Holistic facials are complete treatments that aim at anti-aging and the general relaxation of the body and mind. They are non-invasive, performed with specialized hand movements using special biological superior oils in synergy with essential oils.


Therapeutic Treatment                           60 minutes
A variety of sophisticated and advanced massage techniques individually designed to alleviate the pain caused by illness and injuries. This treatment compliments the use of conventional medicine, to enhance the healing process.

The Tourist Treatment                             60 minutes
3T massage instantly invigorates fatigued travelers, alleviates jetlag, soothes aching muscles, relieves exhaustion and tension, especially in stiff leg joints, upper back and neck. A rejuvenating massage leaving you energized for yet another action-packed day!

Reflexology Treatment                            60 minutes
This unique and age-old method targets organs and internal areas of the body by stimulating the corresponding reflex points and nerve endings found on the feet.


Rejuvenance                                                50 minutes
Rejuvance works simultaneously on three levels: connective tissue, muscle and on the meridians. This massage is done only with the fingers without the use of products and is applied on the face, head, and neck. The results are visible from the very first session where: the connective tissue is released; the fibroblasts are stimulated resulting in the production of collagen by the body itself. Thus, the face is hydrated from the inside, its appearance is improved, skin elasticity is restored while at the same time the facial muscles are relaxed from the tensions.

Sculptural Facelift                                    60 minutes

It offers an intense aesthetic result as it relieves the muscles of the face and neck from tensions while at the same time is lifting the neck and face. It improves oxygenation of the brain, blood circulation and lymph fluid and contributes to cell renewal. Helps detoxify the body, puffiness of the eyes, sculpts the face and activates collagen which in turn fills wrinkles. It is a ritual of deep relaxation during which a large part of the stress is eliminated, and the receiver feels liberated and relaxed. A Biological face oil is being used to perform the sculptural facelift.

Anti-aging treatment                               50 minutes

This treatment starts with a relaxing head massage, then relaxes the neck and décolleté area using a biological face oil. It continues around the face where with continuous upward movements, it activates the body’s collagen and straightens the connective tissue. At the same time the whole face is straightened and rejuvenated. The swelling and puffiness are being eliminated. The face looks vivid and fresh.